Landscaping For New Home In Mernda

October 1, 2016

Greenbelt Garden Care specialise in landscaping in North Balwyn and nearby suburbs, whether it’s for a new home or simply rejuvenating the outdoor areas of your existing property. We understand that a garden must not only look fantastic, but must be functional so that you and your family can use and enjoy it.

Our team have recently completed a landscaping job for a new home in Mernda. The home is to be a rental property so we helped the owner choose a low maintenance garden that would be able to withstand the hot summers and need very little care. We suggested using riverstones in the garden. The round, smooth stones vary in size and come in a mix of browns and greys. The great benefit of using rocks to cover the soil is that they not only act as mulch, reducing weed growth and the soil from drying out, but they won’t decompose into the soil and so don’t need regular replacement, making them more cost effective than bark mulch.

As very few plants were used in the front garden we suggested putting in a feature of some sort. We chose a row of upright sleepers at staggered heights. Treated pine was used so that it would be long lasting yet easy to cut and stain. The property is on a corner so the sleepers were placed on an angle to deter people from cutting across the garden.

Pavers and gravel were used in the backyard rather than grass, again as a low maintenance choice. The plants used along the length of the side fence were Phormiums,  tough and compact plants with the ability withstand heat well. Phormiums come in a range of colours which we thought would provide colour amongst the earthy tones of the riverstones and gravel.

The garden bed along the rear fence was planted with Correa ‘Dusky Bells’, a low growing shrub which was chosen for it’s drought tolerance and because it wouldn’t become too tall. Grasses were planted around the rear patio breaking up the concrete patio and the gravelled area.

The owner was very happy with the finished result- a low cost and low maintenance option for a rental property. With little or no care the garden will flourish and the outdoor spaces will always look neat and tidy.

If you’re needing landscaping at your home you can rely on Greenbelt Garden Care. We provide quality landscaping at an affordable price! Contact us today for the best landscaping in North Balwyn and nearby suburbs. We give discounts for pensioners and will beat any written quote by 5%.