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Autumn Garden Maintenance in North Balwyn

April 11, 2018

Autumn in a great time in the garden as the days are not as hot but there are plenty of jobs to do like pruning, planting and preparing garden beds for next spring. Greenbelt Garden Care have been busy doing garden maintenance in North Balwyn and surrounding suburbs as there are so many gardening tasks...

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Garden Haven In North Balwyn

March 12, 2018

North Balwyn is a suburb full of magnificent homes with leafy green gardens, and the property that Greenbelt Garden Care have recently provided garden maintenance in North Balwyn for is no exception. These owners recently purchased their dream home with it’s stunning outdoor spaces and called on our team of professional gardeners to maintain the...

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Top Tips To Help Keep You North Balwyn Garden Looking Good

February 14, 2018

North Balwyn is regarded as being a suburb full of lovely homes on large blocks with green, attractive gardens. A thriving garden shouldn’t involve too much hard work but with our busy lives it can be difficult to keep your garden looking good all year round. Greenbelt Garden Care specialise in garden maintenance in North...

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Garden Mulch To Help Your Garden Survive Summer

January 30, 2018

A long, hot summer can take it’s toll on the garden. The sun and heat quickly dry out soil and plants so it’s important to look after the garden to allow it to survive  summer. Watering is crucial for plant health, but applying mulch will help keep the moisture in the soil so you don’t...

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North Balwyn Garden Clean Up

December 5, 2017

Greenbelt Garden Care have recently completed another garden clean up in North Balwyn which has instantly transformed the very overgrown front garden. The garden was full of weeds and not only looked messy and uncared for, but detracted from the lovely North Balwyn home. Our team of professional gardeners only took a couple of hours to...

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Getting Your Garden Ready For Christmas

November 6, 2017

Christmas is nearing and this probably means hosting a family party, end of year function or festive celebration. For many of us this thought may cause stress and panic instantly as we look outside at our overgrown garden. Greenbelt Garden Care can help. We specialise in garden clean ups in North Balwyn and surrounding suburbs....

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Overgrown Grass North Balwyn

October 15, 2017

Spring is Greenbelt Garden Care’s favourite time of year. Flowers are blooming, gardens are full of new foliage and lawns are looking lush and green. Grass growth reaches its peak during spring and this can cause a headache for lots of people as they try to keep up with the frequent lawn mowing that can...

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Easy Steps To A Greener Lawn

September 10, 2017

Are you always looking at other people’s gardens wondering what they do to have a lush, green lawn? Unless you have green thumbs you may not know where to start when you look at your garden and lawn. And lets face it, most of us are so busy working we just want to relax on...

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Lawnmowing In North Balwyn

September 2, 2017

Spring is here and with the warmer weather the grass is starting to grow quickly. We love to see the new growth in gardens at this time of year but lawns can quickly become long and overgrown. Greenbelt Garden Care are here to help you with lawnmowing in North Balwyn and surrounding suburbs. With years...

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Getting Your North Balwyn Garden Ready For Spring

August 11, 2017

As the weather is gets warmer now is the time to get the lawn and garden ready for spring! Greenbelt Garden Care have a team of professionals that specialise in lawn and garden maintenance in North Balwyn and surrounding suburbs. Lawns can be in poor condition after a cold, dry winter. Firstly it’s best for...

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