Mowing Mont Albert

October 2, 2018

Spring is now in full swing so now is the time to mow your lawn and start some lawn care to prepare for the warmer weather. Greenbelt Garden Care specialise in residential mowing in Mont Albert and surrounding suburbs as well as all your lawn care needs. In fact just yesterday we mowed the lawns of a huge property in Mont Albert and finished by applying a weed treatment.

Just as lawns are reaching the end of their dormancy period, so too are all those awful weeds. So it’s the perfect time to treat your lawn to get rid of any weeds so that you can enjoy lush green grass in the warmer months. Our team of professionals can advise you on the right type of weed treatment for your particular lawn.

Spring is the most important time of year to give your lawn a balanced, slow release feed. Fertilising in spring will thicken the lawn up and provide it with essential nutrients to survive the upcoming summer weather. If you’re not sure which fertiliser to use just ask one of our friendly team!

Alternatively we can take care of all your lawn care needs, from mowing and edging to weed treatments and fertilising. Call or email us today and we can give you a free quote!