Weed Spraying Service, Balwyn North

Greenbelt Garden Care’s weed spraying service keeps weeds under control for business owners in Balwyn North. Whether you own a service station, rental property, medical practice or other commercial property that has grass or a garden, we will keep weeds at bay. Weeds suck moisture and nutrients out of the soil which are vitalĀ for other plants and trees, leaving your lawn or garden lacklustre and overrun.

Our weed spraying service includes the management of stubborn Capeweed and blackberry bushes. Both are fast-growing, difficult to remove and unsightly. A proper management and control plan is required to ensure your business doesn’t experience the full impact of an out of control Capeweed or blackberry weed infestation. Prevention, early intervention and control is the best method to address weeds at your commercial property.

We work with business owners to incorporate professional weed spraying, either as a once-off preventative or early intervention method, or as part of an ongoing weed control plan.

Greenbelt Garden Care’s commercial services include lawn mowing in Balwyn North and surrounding suburbs.