Garden Mulch To Help Your Garden Survive Summer

January 30, 2018

A long, hot summer can take it’s toll on the garden. The sun and heat quickly dry out soil and plants so it’s important to look after the garden to allow it to survive  summer. Watering is crucial for plant health, but applying mulch will help keep the moisture in the soil so you don’t have to water your garden as often. The depth of mulch needed is about 75mm and it may need topping up from time to time to stop it wearing thin.

Not only will mulch reduce your garden’s watering needs but it also prevents weeds. There are so many types of mulches available to choose from but our team can discuss which one best suits your garden’s needs. Call or email Greenbelt garden Care today for garden maintenance in North Balwyn and surrounding suburbs. We can give you advice about mulching your garden and a free quote.

Greenbelt Garden Care provide a full range of garden maintenance services in North Balwyn and surrounding suburbs, including garden mulching. Our team of professional gardeners make quick work of mulching your garden beds and can even get the work done for you while you’re out or at work.

Take a look at some of the mulching Greenbelt Garden Care have provided for our clients.