Top Tips To Help Keep You North Balwyn Garden Looking Good

February 14, 2018

North Balwyn is regarded as being a suburb full of lovely homes on large blocks with green, attractive gardens. A thriving garden shouldn’t involve too much hard work but with our busy lives it can be difficult to keep your garden looking good all year round. Greenbelt Garden Care specialise in garden maintenance in North Balwyn and surrounding suburbs and can give you a few tips that will make upkeep of your garden easier. The key to garden maintenance is keeping it regular.

Firstly it’s important to mulch your plants for several reasons. Firstly to keep the soil from drying out and also to prevent weed growth. If an organic mulch is used it has the added benefit of providing nutrients to the soil for your plants.

Next is to ensure your garden gets enough water. Although installing an irrigation system may seem costly it has big advantages- a professionally installed irrigation system will save you time as you won’t have to spend hours watering the garden by hand.  You will find your water bill is lower as irrigation systems are designed to suit your properties specific needs, therefore conserving water. The addition of the irrigation system will also add value to your property.

Regular weeding is also important. As soon as you notice weeds growing through the mulch promptly remove them before they seed and spread.

Most plants including your lawn will benefit from being fed with fertliser, as a general rule, at their peak growing stage in spring. There are a range of types of fertlises, from granular to pellets and liquids. It’s best to keep the fertliser from direct contact with plant leaves or roots as it can burn. Remember to water fertliser in well to dilute the nutrients into the soil.

If the sound of these weekly garden maintenance chores is giving you a headache, Greenbelt Garden Care have a team of professional gardeners that can help with  your garden maintenance in North Balwyn and surrounding suburbs. We provide a full range of services including lawn mowing and edging, weeding, pruning, hedging and mulching. You can book our gardeners to visit just once, or regularly. Provided there is access to your garden we can even get the work done while you’re out. Ring or email us today  to organise a free quote!

Greenbelt Garden Care provide residential and commercial garden maintenance in and around North Balwyn. Have a look at some of our work!